Liz & Ambrose

Starting off my very first blog post seemed to be more daunting than I had anticipated. Who knew that thinking of something interesting to write would be so hard. Thank you in advance for reading through and I promise I’ll get better with practice!

This blog post was made a lot easier because I had such fantastic material to start off with! I had the privilege of shooting this wonderful wedding recently.

It was a small intimate affair with a lovely couple, Liz and Ambrose along with their family and friends who are as unique and wonderful as the couple themselves. The location, Pfeiffer State Beach in Big Sur, was a first for me and truly added to the beauty of the whole experience. I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier couple or a better location for a backdrop.

Small intimate gatherings seem to reinforce a connection between all those involved and who attend. I wish Liz & Ambrose all the best in their future together as they continue to build their beautiful family. I’m grateful to have been included in their beginning steps.


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