Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire….

I recently spent a few days out in the desert and yes, before you ask, I went willingly.

My bucket list is long and someday I’ll travel the world as I want, but for now I travel the world in my own way and a large part of that world includes things that are close to home.

There is a unique beauty in the desert that you can feel as you breath warm dry air and bask in the heat on your skin while visually taking in the amazing colors of the terrain.

I had the most fun in a place know as the “Valley of Fire” than I’ve had in a long time. The name is a little frightening and gave me pause initially. I was a little concerned with the length of the drive that it took to get there because it truly is in a very remote location out in the southern Nevada landscape.

After arriving via ATV into the Valley of Fire, which I learned is a State Park, I was in awe of the beauty that surrounded me on all sides. I couldn’t get over the rich color of the rock walls that were made up of red, orange, gold and brown. The red and orange sand that I traveled through on an ATV blew up all around me as I rode my way through the hot valley, it was truly breath taking.

I could have spent the entire day out there on the ATV (that I dubbed my “Hog”!) with my camera, being the photo geek that I am; I just couldn’t get enough of the ride itself and most definitely not enough of the amazing landscape that I had the extreme pleasure to ride through.

If you’ve never been, and are in the Las Vegas area, I would highly recommend you take the time to explore what the surrounding desert has to offer, you may be as surprised and awestruck as I was.


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