“Live well, laugh often and love much…”

“Live well, laugh often and love much…”

I don’t know who said it, but I love it!

Today with social media being what it is and where it is, meaning everywhere, it’s hard not to be inundated with random quotes. You can see them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and yes, even WordPress.

But with all that is out there, does any of it ever hit home?

Every once in a while those random little quotes on life, love and happiness catch me just at the right moment, thinking about just the right person and it sinks in. Well, this quote did exactly that, “Live well, laugh often and love much…” Why yes, let’s!!

This got me thinking, I’ve seen various forms of this through photography; living well, laughing often and a lot of love in so many ways.

I thought I’d put together this little compilation of images to share. Bits and pieces of people that I have the privilege to share my life with and have had a chance to photograph, demonstrating the very meaning of those words above.

Hopefully you will smile, laugh and maybe even identify with an image or two that will remind you to embrace what you see around you and to live well, laugh often and love a whole lot.



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