Learning to listen…

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”
― Robert Frank

There really is a quiet beauty to black and white photography that allows you to see the essence of each image. Your eye isn’t distracted by vibrant hues of color, the noise, the static, your eye is able to view the image as it appears, simplicity; the reality of it, the emotion of it, good or bad, it’s there.

There are amazing photographers through out history that have come to represent what it means to be an artist, documenting life through the lens of a camera. Dorothea Lang and Robert Frank are just two of a many that are synonymous with images that represent life in decades past. Hopefully their work will continue to inspire and awe as they have for me for generations to come.

Take a moment as you look, as you observe and just imagine what you’re hearing and then what you see. Imagine it in black and white. Imagine what that image would be in its simplest form, just take that brief moment before you click the button and close the shutter, to Robert Frank’s point, listen before you look.



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